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July 14, 2014 | 2880 Wines

The Flavor of Wine

On July 14, 2014, our dear friend, neighbor, and winemaker, Peter Heitz (Turnbull Wine Cellars and Shypoke) talked with us about our 2012 Twenty-Eight Eighty Napa Valley Red Wine.

Betsy – Tell me what you taste.

John – Blackberries.

Peter – The aromatics are really exciting. It has another dimension besides just fruit.

So there is dark fruit – there’s black cherries, black berries and then there’s like a lift of red fruit too – of maybe like pomegranate juice and maybe muddled strawberries.

And then aromatically there’s also there’s, maybe there’s just a hair of bergamot tea or orange rind. There’s some otherness to it that makes it really sexy. And the mouth feel is super delicious…it’s super delicious.

John – It has spiciness.

Peter – Yeah…I think the fruit is the predominate flavor, again there’s black cherries and richness of dark fruit but there’s this, um, there’s maybe some like Christmas cookie spice or some…

John – And as much as I love the ‘11, this has a little more density to it.

Betsy – Oh I love this!

Peter – It’s super delicious. I think it’s the best one yet, personally. And so the blend here is – you have 2 barrels from your backyard, which are nominally 33% Grenache, 33% Syrah, and 33% Petite Sirah. That’s a third of the blend is that. And then 2/3 of the blend is Pocai Petite Syrah. So you’re looking at…um, let’s see, a third of a third would be a-sixth so you have …so from your backyard you have…

Betsy – Okay math geek.

John – It’s about 15-20% Grenache…and then almost equally split…

Peter – Yeah, you’re about 15% Grenache, 15% Syrah, and then you’re about 70% Petit Sirah

Betsy – And how do you think our backyard vineyard differs from the Pocai Vineyard?

Peter – Honestly, the two barrels of your backyard were the most spectacular things. If I was unethical I would have stolen them for my own wines. But…

Betsy – And, can I quote you on that?

Peter – Yes…they were spectacular.

John – They were good enough to steal.

Peter – Yeah, they were good enough to steal. Really, it was the best backyard ever, I thought. It had just this amazing dominance of strawberries and sweet red cherries maybe. Just like bright red cherry…muddled strawberries. The Grenache otherness was in there. Just really, those were beautiful. The oak was in perfect sinew with the wine.

And then the Pocai Petite Syrah was just this…I mean it’s huckleberry pie; ah it’s just delicious and unctuous in its own right. And you bring those two things together…your backyard – a little ballerina of pretty, red, finesse and floral lifting and just gorgeous. And the Pocai Petite Sirah is this, is this you know, it’s a blue berry…I mean it’s like blue candy. Can you put pretty and pleasure together? Here it does.

Betsy – I do all the time.

Peter – I think it turned out really fantastic…one of the best wines of the vintage.

Betsy – Thank you.

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